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A podcast, A Blog, A Way of life. It’s Organic and Raw. my hope is to inspire you with my story and perspective. we all deserve to live a beautiful life.

New Content every Monday morning at 10:10!

live the life you deserve to live!

***New to 1010zen!

soul signs (affirmation tool)

Soul Sessions (Heart to heart conversation)

affirmation & meditation sessions (groups of 3+)

Feng Shui Consultations (2 or 5 hours sessions)

& Love Coaching!

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Kristi King Perras

"Sandy Jamieson is a true visionary. Her passion for creating the life she wants is evident in everything she does - she leads a life by her design, balancing her family, building her business, chasing her dreams, and helping others do the same. I’m grateful for the wisdom she continues to share with me and the inspiration she passes along to the greater community she serves."

Michelle Ferriman

"Sandy is one of the most incredible women I have met. She has a dynamic personality, an uncanny ability to intuitively understand you and what you're going through and a personal history that gives her an incredible amount of insight and empathy into the struggles of others. She has an ability to immediately connect, understand, empathize and bring calm and clarity to any situation. Sandy has a beautiful spirit, and shows her incredible gratitude and positive light everywhere she goes. If you're lucky enough to spend time with Sandy she will inspire you like no one you have ever met."

Stefani Linse

"Sandy's podcasts are my favourite! They are very powerful and inspiring! She provides such a positive energy and has made me become more mindful and reflective in my own life. For this I give gratitude."

Laura Aspinall

"I have known Sandy for the better part of six years. During this time she has never wavered in working hard to become a better person. Always learning, always growing. She is deeply committed to her family and sharing her knowledge with others. She is not one to back down from a challenge but embraces it and gets the "gift" from the experience. I feel she then offers that gift to others. It's been a pleasure knowing her and I am sure you will feel the same too!"

Karen Yake

"Sandy's Monday morning podcasts are the perfect way to start each week. She's thoughtful, intentional and very relatable as she shares her real life experiences and personal pursuit of peace, balance, happiness, health and love. Sandy's hardworking, not afraid of a challenge and approaches life with an open mind and spirit, surrounding herself and her family with positivity and armed ready for whatever the universe sends her way.

Tune into 1010Zen - it's inspiring, a great way to ground yourself and to be reminded of life's simplicity. Great job Sandy! Thank you for sharing your insights in each podcast and for pushing the world (and people) around you to always be striving to be their best, most authentic self."



To my daughters Reese and Quinn for showing me every single day what love is all about. And to my Dad for taking me on all those trips to Algonquin Park. Because I know nature, I know peace.